10 ways to improve your business using Psychometrics

  1. Select the best candidates for the business: matching candidates’ personalities and behavioural profiles against the competencies of the role can ensure that candidates are selected who will not only fit the role technically but also behaviourally. Ability / Aptitude tests can also be used to provide an objective assessment of abilities such as numerical reasoning, clerical checking or mechanical reasoning. This reduces the risk of offering the position to someone who won’t cope with the demands of the role.
  2. Introduce new members into teams more efficiently: using a behavioural tool can fast-track the induction phase and ensure minimum disruption by helping new recruits and the team they are joining understand communication styles, individual behavioural strengths/weaknesses and the new team dynamic.
  3. Improve communication: using a simple behavioural tool which aligns with organisational culture can help employees and managers understand communication style, the impact of their style and how they can adapt to achieve positive outcomes.
  4. Enhance working relationships: behavioural profiles can highlight the strengths or likely challenges of a working relationship. If people understand each other they can work more productively together.
  5. Improve performance: used with executive coaching, personality profiles can ensure people to play to their behavioural strengths, raise awareness of areas of weakness and align roles to their particular style.
  6. Assign roles/tasks to play to strengths: by understanding people’s behavioural style we can ensure we try, where possible, to assign tasks which suit, rather than stress an employee.
  7. Develop and build teams: using team reports along with focussed team development sessions can enhance team communication, build mutual respect and increase team efficiency and productivity.
  8. Resolve conflict: where individuals or teams are experiencing conflict, behavioural tools can illuminate the behavioural reasons which might contribute to this. Used with mediation, this can provide a language to discuss contentious areas and resolve conflict situations.
  9. Improve your sales function: sales style profiles can be used to select the best salesperson for a role and to enhance the functioning of sales teams.
  10. Develop your leaders: as part of leadership development programmes, in-depth psychometric tools can identify personality and leadership style. This can work at an individual level and for Leadership teams.

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