LinkedInLocal Aberdeen is part of a global movement, started by Anna McAfee in Coffs Harbour, Australia, earlier this year. The concept has exploded, with events now being run in over 200 locations throughout the world, including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness and Moray.

The Aberdeen events will all be about face to face networking. Not standing in a corner speaking to the 3 people you already know. A mix of informal and facilitated networking, designed to make it easier for you to meet people, connect with each other via Linkedin, share ideas and help each other….

The next LinkedInLocal Aberdeen event will be around Sept time;

Full details to follow on Eventbrite nearer the time…

These are not for profit events, so all remaining proceeds (after running costs are deducted) will be donated to Charlie House, our LinkedInLocal event charity partner for 2018. Visit for details and to see some of the amazing work they do for children with life limiting illnesses.

So far, the first two events have raised £900.00.

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