Services and Products

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Services Summary

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Assessment centres
Business strategy
Candidate selection
Coaching and mentoring
Development centres
Graduate recruitment and selection
HR consultancy
Management and leadership development
Psychometric consultancy
Redundancy and outplacement
Team development

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Belbin Teams Roles
Elearning modules
Psychometric Products
Training and Competency System

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Sample Psychometric Reports

16PF Career Development
16PF profile

Belbin Job
Belbin Self Perception Inventory
Belbin Self Perception – with Observers
Belbin Team
Belbin Working Relationships

Clerical Test Battery
Critical Reasoning Test Battery

DiSC Classic 2
DiSC Management
DiSC Sales Profile
DiSC Work of Leaders

Emotional Judgment Inventory

General Reasoning Test
Graduate Reasoning Test

Myers Briggs – Interpretive

OPQ32 Emotional and Social Competence
OPQ32 Emotional Intelligence

Scenarios Managerial Judgement